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The Ugly Chinese...the decay of morality in the Mainland Chinese to the core.

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Disclaimer: This video contains graphic footage of a two-year-old girl being run over by two vehicles.

She was dead after intensive care failed to save her life!

The story is a 2-year old girl was knocked down and ran over by a van in China. The driver hit-and-run, then there were a few bystanders pretended not seeing the accident and not helping the little girl.

A second pickup ran over the girl again, and more passers-by are acting “cool” by ignoring the victim as another dead animal on the road. More than ten passers-by saw the victim lying motionless on the road and all of them shamelessly just walking away like nothing happened.

Finally, a rubbish collecting lady gave her hands to carry away the girl after several minutes later before the little girl’s mother appeared. She was awarded 10,000 Yen by the Foshan local government for her good deed.

I always condemn Mainland Chinese that they are no moral but educated stock.

Besides lacking basis moral values amongst the Chinese people, the legal system in China also has partly to be blamed. The compensation for knocking a person dead is much cheaper […]