Behind China Miracle >>>

Don't miss China's mega projects in CCTV-1 especially on Beijing MRT

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The documentary films are high quality, as good as films from Discovery Channel and National Geographic. The achievements in China are truly amazing and magical.

I observed an important financial data from the film, the fully underground MRT cost in Beijing is RM487 million per Km. [CNY 1000 million]

Go compared with 95% open-air MRT in Kuala Lumpur, you will be shocked for high cost paid by our rakyat.

Klang Valley MRT preliminary estimated cost is RM 900 million per Km based on RM 36 Billion for 40 Km Sungai Buloh-Kajang line.

In the nutshell, Bodohland open-air MRT is 1.85 time costlier than Beijing underground MRT.

In the layman term, the mark-up price for KV MRT project is RM 16.52 billion. [The reasonable benchmarked price for KV MRT is RM 10 to 15 billion] because open-air track is much cheaper than underground track.

In Bahasa Malaysia, BN politikus sapu 16 sehingga 20 billion ke dalam saku mereka dalam kes penyelewengan ini.

p/s: Please let me know if you need to access the documentary film about Beijing MRT which I have downloaded a copy to my PC.