Race Relations >>>

Chinese is a selfish race, maybe KL city dwellers are selfish as well.

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A real story in Mainland China. They are pretending they don't see the woman who carries a kid…the seat is so important to these selfish people..!

Telekom technicians installed unify fiber line in my area two days ago. My telephone line went kaput, just want to know the line problem is isolated case or the whole shoplot row is affected.

Went checked with the next office, an unfriendly ugly office lady opened the door, and asked many non-sense questions like who am I, did I bring foreign workers, etc.

This was a bit shock because I was there a few years earlier than them and also know their boss. At last, I asked their phone line is working or not.

The ugly Chinese lady quickly answered their line cannot be used today. This ugly lady assumed I want to borrow their phone instead of telling their line is down or not after unify line installation.

Besides, a number of Chinese residents grab the public parking lots by putting some obstruction objects. A Chinese idiot even lock an iron bar on the parking lot.

This kind of selfishness and poor civil attitude […]