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MCA woman wing is pathethic in against Chinese maids

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If MCA women like Ng Yen Yen, MF Chew (she is still a single lady) etc. is losing their husbands to Chinese maids, I sincerely suggest Ng Yen Yen working as a maid for me and let the Chinese maids as our ministers. This is Darwin’s natural selection, only stronger and better species survives in this world.

Women like Ng Yen Yen is preventing other people for hiring Chinese maids, these MCA old women are not just selfish, they are also violating our freedom of employing anyone as our maids or helpers.

IF….PAS members to propose banning pork in Malaysia because they do not eat pork? Can MCA woman accept this weired logic from PAS?

MCA woman wing is exactly using same weired logic to prevent others from employing Chinese maid.

I believe Ng Yen Yen and Chew Mei Fun’s grandmothers are from mainland China, by stereotyping women from mainland are hookers and bad girls indeed insulting their own ancestors.

Those no self-confident and ugly MCA women can always choose the ugly maids from any countries except China. No one is forcing you to hire Chinese maids.

Higher education given to many Chinese women […]