Behind China Miracle >>>

Why Chinese nationals are often bullied by Malaysian Police?

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First, China Embassy has no concern on how their citizens are treated like animals in Malaysia or elsewhere.

Second, rampant corruption in the police. They nab foreign women for ransom, not to prevent more illegal immigrants.

These are price list examples,

Make phone call to outsider, RM 50. Release from detention center, RM 1,700.

Third, many Chinese women (they are top offenders in the chart) are abusing visa and engage in prostitution. This makes them vulnerable to stereotype of “every young Chinese girl is prostitute”.

Forth, many Malaysians are still like donkeys without knowing China especially cities in the coastal area are more advanced than any cities in Malaysia.

获释后已如惊弓之鸟不敢上街 女学生轰大马警方歧视中国人 李伟伦