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RM5 billion losses!! Chinese tourist arrivals in Thailand and Malaysia.

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Projected tourist spending by country in 2014.

Thailand is expecting to receive 7.45 million tourists from China compared to only 1.4 million in Malaysia. The difference in tourist arrival is a whooping 5.3 times.

Besides the blunder in handling MH370 accident, Malaysia is driving away Chinese tourists from its unfriendly visa policy, tourist kidnapping in Sabah, Red Shirts anti-Chinese rally and haze from Indonesia.

Chinese tourists are top spender with the average spending on shopping is USD1000 for their overseas trip. Take into account of hotel accommodation, food, transport, etc. Each Chinese tourist would spend at least RM5000 in Malaysia,

If no adverse factors as I mention above, Chinese tourists shall reaching 2.4 to 3.0 million by this year.

Chinese tourists in 2012 is 1.56 million, 2013 is 1.79 million. The annual growth rate is 15%.

By using 15% growth rate, Chinese tourist projected arrivals in 2014 is 2.06 million (the actual number is 1.61 million due to MH370 accident) and 2.37 million in 2015.

The expected Chinese tourist arrivals in 2015 is 1.4 million against 2.0 million target set by Malaysia Tourism Ministry.

Malaysia is losing at least RM5 billion opportunity […]