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Mahathir's logic is 90% Chinese support PR is racist while 90% Malays support BN is not

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This is like black people in America condemn white people are racist if they vote in unison for a white man, but 90% of black men themselves voted for Obama is not racism.

This is double standards used by some people to condemn other racist without realizing themselves are more racist.

Mahathir seems is very forgetful that the same “Chinese tsunami” in 1999 had salvaged UMNO from being ousted by Barisan Alternative during the peak of reformasi movement. Lim Kit Siang was rejected by Chinese at that time.

Mahathir, why not you condemned yourself first for started Chinese tsunami movement in 1999 to save your ass?

How his sons became billionaires? How his sons got the government contracts? The insurance clearance system we used to renew road tax is owned by Mahathir’s family. There are tons of projects given to his son through the UMNO greedy rent-seeking system.

It’s A Chinese Tsunami In GE13, Aided By Group Of Power-crazy Malays – Mahathir PUTRAJAYA, May 7 (Bernama) — Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the outcome of the 13th general election showed a “Chinese tsunami”, aided by a group […]