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At least 40% Chinese will swing to BN in GE14 if Muhyiddin resolves 100 reasons say no to BN in my blog

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I am a voter in Pagoh constituency and know Muhyiddin since my teenage year. He is not a Malay right-wing radical although he did say “Malay first, Malaysian second”.

> 70% Chinese in Pagoh constituency decided to vote for PR is because of BN policy structural issues archived in 100 reasons say no to BN, not because of Chinese rejecting him.

There is not a single demand to abolish bumi special rights, kick out sultan and support Lim Kit Siang as Malaysian PM.

If UMNO moves to racism or Malay nationalism to win back Malay votes, I believe UMNO will be wiped out in GE14 by all moderate Malays, Chinese, Indian and others.

Muhyiddin: Umno needs to undergo radical political transformation

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KUALA LUMPUR: Umno needs to undergo a more comprehensive and radical political transformation process in the face of rising challenges over the years, said Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said in order for Umno to become a more dynamic, inclusive, visionary and sacred Malay-Muslim political party, it should be more universal in its struggle without undermining the objectives of its establishment.

Hence, he said […]