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Some elements in Malaysian police and immigration department are parts of international syndicatee

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Michael Chong purposely not mentioning without the help of some bad hats in the Malaysian police and immigration department, unlikely a few hundred thousands Chinese women (also three million Indonesian illegal immigrants) can enter and overstay in Malaysia.

International syndicate is not the root cause, corruption in Malaysia is the root cause of all problems.

Chong: China girls are syndicate victims


PETALING JAYA: There have been many cases of young women from China ending up in the sex trade here after they are duped by syndicates to travel overseas for jobs.

“They were usually told they would work as factory workers, maids or masseuses. Upon arrival, they are forced into vice,” said MCA Public Services and Complaints Department chief Datuk Michael Chong.

Chong said most of the women were from poor families in the rural areas of China who were enticed by the promise of well-paying jobs overseas. He believed some even knew they would eventually end up as sex workers, but would still accept the jobs overseas to escape the abject poverty they faced.