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East Malaysia Christians should teach UMNO a lesson

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UMNO politicians accused Christians for converting Malays to Christian, and yet not a single evidence is produced to prove their cases.

UMNO is like Nazi who making all sorts of false claims freely and police is totally blind and friendly against UMNO racists. A royal institution is happily to support them on this Christian bashing.

Do you think Malaysia can progress to a developed nation under racist UMNO?

US press reports ‘Christian-bashing’

‘The New York Times’ cites several incidents that have ‘heightened tensions’

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 10:11:00 Farish A. Noor

EFFORTS UNDERMINED: Farish says conservatives within Umno may be denting efforts by Najib to present Malaysia as a moderate Muslim nation

KUALA LUMPUR: The recent Umno general assembly in which information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan demonised Christians has made its way to the international Press — The New York Times, no less.

In an article published yesterday, titled For Malaysian Christians, an anxious holiday season, Liz Gooch writes of the unease among the country’s almost 1 million Christians who had been accused at the assembly of trying to “Christianise” Muslims.