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Sudah potong? The benefit of circumcision for man

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Besides reducing prostate cancer, the risk of being infected by HIV also reduced with circumcision.

Circumcision before age of 35 ‘cuts risk of prostate cancer by 45%

Disease rare among Jewish and Muslim men, the majority of whom are circumcised – doctors are not certain why removing the ­foreskin reduces chances of cancer

Men who have been ­circumcised after turning 35 are 45% less likely to get prostate cancer, a study has revealed.

Scientists believe removing the foreskin reduces the risk of ­infections linked to the killer disease .

And circumcision among black men cut the risk of prostate tumours by up to 60%, researchers claim.

The disease is rare among Jewish and Muslim men, the majority of whom are circumcised.

Doctors are not certain why having the ­foreskin removed reduces the chances of prostate cancer.

But it is known to reduces the risk of sexually ­transmitted diseases.

Study chief Dr Marie-lise Parent, from the University of Montreal, said: “The inner surface of the ­foreskin is more easily penetrated by microbes that cause infections.”

The three most important factors linked to prostate cancer are thought to be ageing, family history, and being from […]