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Cocoa is better than palm oil for green agro

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My late father used to plant cocoa before he switched to palm oil.

An obvious side-effect with the palm oil plantation is all small streams dried out and native fishes and amphibians lost their habitat and extinct. There was a beautiful tiger fish species (only found in Johor state) living in the streams when the estate was planted with cocoa.

The only drawback is Malaysia still does not has its well-known chocolate brand to ensure the price of raw cocoa beans is within our control.

Jati or mahogany trees should be planted instead of tabebuia rosea (a.k.a local sakura) to shield cocoa trees from the direct sun light and able to generate extra income for cocoa planters during the replant cycle.

Why the FAMA and Cocoa Board have never taken such proactive initiative? Cocoa remedy for Amazon deforestation?

By Yana Marull (AFP)

MEDICILANDIA, Brazil — A chocolate factory nestled deep in the Amazonian jungle in Brazil’s northern state of Para offers a sweet antidote to rainforest deforestation.

In many areas of the Amazon, cocoa and other crop production have historically contributed to deforestation as farmers wear out the soil and cut […]