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Chinese misunderstood 以德报怨 is from Confucious

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子曰:”何以报德?” 以直报怨,以德报德。”

以德报怨 can be translated to unconditional forgiveness to crime committed on you by others. Crime is not sin often used in the religion.

Why I mention this saying here is because many Chinese people believe that “以德报怨” is a noble teaching from Confucius.

China Communist regime has brainwashed billions mainland people by saying 以德报怨 is a Chinese traditional good value to justify its sinful foreign policy of cementing diplomatic link and waiving Sino War compensation with Japan in 1972.

I do not suggest we Chinese go amok to kill Japanese in revenge for their crime during the Sino War and Malaya occupation.

What I mean is Chinese must seeking justice from Japanese like open trial for the war criminals and asking compensation for all physical damages in the wartime.

German government has apologized and paid 170,000 living Jewish victims a monthly allowance of USD 950 for life besides compensated all damages incurred on Jewish during World War 2.

Japan government has never apologized for their war crimes and also ungrateful for war compensation cancellation by China PRC government.