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Know about Malaysia Constitution: Constituency Delineation

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The following four criteria are set out in the 13th Schedule to the Constitution:

1. Constituencies should not across state boundaries while state constituencies should avoid, as fapossible, crossing the boundaries of federal constituencies;

2. There should be adequate administrative facilities in a constituency to support registrtion and polling;

3. The number of electors should be roughly equal except that weightage may be given to ‘rural constituencies” which may be ‘less than one-half’ of urban constituencies. The Constitution nowhere defines what a rural or urban constituencies is. The matter is left to the Elections Commission. The number of constituencies in each state should bear approximately the same relationship to all federal constituencies as the State’s population bear to the Federation’s total population;

4. Consideration should be given to the inconveniences attendant on constituency alteration and to the maintenance of local ties.

** Objections from 100 or more registered elections of the reviewed constituency, the Commission must hold a local enquiry.

Question: The Elections Commission (EC) said a two-thirds majority was required in parliament or state assemblies to approve new constituency re-delineation or expand the number of seats.

The constitution says […]