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Boycott Cool Point Hotel in Cameron Highlands

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This hotel informed police that its guest wearing Bersih T-Shirt in the hotel room. Police stormed the room and arrested them without respecting the privacy of hotel guests.

Please send in your protests to this hotel,

Tel: 609-491 4914 Fax: 609-491 4070 E-Mail:

Arrested in hotel room for wearing Bersih t-shirts

G Vinod | July 18, 2011

Cameron Highlands police invaded the privacy of four people by arresting them for wearing Bersih t-shirts inside their hotel room.

KUALA LUMPUR: In a blatant invasion of privacy, the police arrested four people on holiday in Cameron Highlands by entering their hotel room at 1am on Sunday. The reason for the arrest: they were wearing Bersih t-shirts inside their hotel room.

Those arrested were Seputeh MP’s Teresa Kok’s aide Teh Hoong Keat, 25; Lan Suet Ling, 23; Chin Kah Wai, 25; and a mutual acquaintance who requested anonymity.