Corruption >>>

Corruption is rampant in the police, JPJ and Immigration

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This is a JPJ case I know first hand. My friend is a trader for palm oil collection.

He has to pay monthly protection fee to JPJ enforcement official for lorry overloading issue. In return, he receives updated tip-offs through SMS from JPJ mole on where and when the road block is set up by JPJ.

Both giver and taker are guilty.

Gambling dens also receive updated tip-offs from their moles planted in the police.

Anti-gambling blitz almost fizzles out

by farik zolkepli AND nadirah h. rodzi

PETALING JAYA: A week-long blitz on gambling dens nationwide only had a 2% success rate, leading police to suspect informers of tipping off the targets.

Police data showed that only 168 of the 9,663 raids that were conducted were successful, in that suspects were picked up and gambling paraphernalia seized.

At many of the other suspected gambling joints, the police raiding teams found the places closed when they arrived, said Federal Secret Societies, Gambling and Vice Division (D7) Principal Assistant Director Senior Asst Comm Roslee Chik.

“The ones that we were successful at raiding were those trying their luck and hoping to escape us,” he said.