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The corruption is at the top level, the number 3 man also got murdered for exposing corruption in the Customs Department

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Justice for ‘Mr Clean’

R. Nadeswaran

“My father’s murder was planned. It was related to a car smuggling syndicate in Langkawi. My father had previously told his superiors of corrupt customs officers in their midst, claiming that they were linked to a car smuggling racket.” Mohd Akhtar Shaharuddin, the son of Royal Malaysian Customs deputy director-general II Datuk Shaharuddin Ibrahim who was shot dead in Putrajaya on April 26.

THESE remarks were not made out of vengeance or retribution. They came from a man who wants his father’s killer(s) to be brought to justice.

However, reading deeper into these annotations and through personal observations and investigations, one cannot help believing that these words have more than a semblance of truth.

A month before Shaharuddin was gunned down, the Customs Department issued a statement that 368 Langkawi-registered vehicles are running in the rest of Malaysia with suspected forged customs declaration forms.

“We have detected 368 vehicles originally registered in Langkawi and subsequently registered in Principal Customs Areas using suspected falsified custom declaration forms without payment of customs duties and taxes,” it said on March 21.

(Areas outside of Langkawi and Labuan, it said, were […]