Corruption & Cronyism >>>

Malaysia's top enemy is corruption

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This offending Trivedi cartoon shows “Corruption” about to rape “Mother India.” Trivedi’s “seditious” cartoons all used symbols of state in commentary about government corruption.

A cause and effect analysis technique used in the Six Sigma problem solving will reveal corruption is the root cause for many chronic problems in Malaysia.

These below are top issues have made Malaysia a sicken nation and an international pariah.

1. Corruption.

Corruption -> Vote buying -> Corrupt government -> Corruption [Unbreakable vicious circle]

2. Rent-seeking and no open tender.

Corruption -> Rent-seeking and black box operations -> Poor quality and cost over inflated public projects -> Rakyat suffer in safety and monetary losses.

3. Crime and social ills.

Corruption -> Police take bribe -> Poor discipline and efficiency in police -> Crime and social ills -> Rakyat suffer in safety and monetary losses.

4. Influx of foreign workers.

Corruption -> Businessmen bribe policy makers -> Public servants and police take bribe -> Influx of legal and illegal foreign workers -> Jobless and low pay for local workers -> Rakyat suffer in safety and monetary losses.

5. Over sized and low efficiency public services.

Corruption -> Political […]