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An appeal procedure for commercial vehicle inspection is needed and re-think of frequency of scheduled inspection in PUSPAKOM

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I bought a second-hand small truck just before MCO for my own business purpose. In this turbulent challenging time, I have to send the vehicle to Puspakom for a scheduled roadworthiness test every six months.

During the inspection process I found a few areas that need improvement from Puspakom and the Ministry of Transport to make roadworthiness inspection a standard well-accepted by all stakeholders, especially the vehicle owners.

I personally sent my small truck to Puspakom for three scheduled inspections without engaging agent or middle-man service, all inspections failed in the first attempt and a second inspection is always needed. While the first attempt by engaging agent service all passed with flying colors. Ironically I always use the same workshop for tuning service, yet the inspection outcome is totally different with self-service and agent service.

We, vehicle owners, are not allowed to enter the inspection zone to observe technicians to perform inspection processes. Human error or manipulation can happen during the inspection processes such as the hand brake is not fully pulled or the brake is not fully pressed by the technician.

Even though I have doubts about the inspection result, there is no […]