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Major (Rtd) D Swami, no way Malaysia can defeat the communists

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LTTE was defeated because Indian government totally washed their hands off after Rajiv Ghandi was murdered by LTTE.

Thailand government was (is) closing one eye to let CPM freely roaming in their backyard for decades. This is reciprocal reaction to Malaysia supporting Pattani Malay rebels. Besides, CPM is still receiving financial and weapon supports from China government.

Major D Swanmi, Mahathir is not stupid as you. Without the peace agreement, the risk of doing business in Malaysia is too high for foreign investors.

We never ‘defeated’ the communists

Major (Rtd) D Swami | Jun 3, 09 4:47pm

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Create a ‘heroes and traitors’ museum.

Omar Mohd Hashim of the Malaysian History Association (PSM) is living in his own deluded world. Yes, as a former soldier from a very well-blooded regiment, I too stand with other soldiers in not allowing Chin Peng to settle in Malaysia.

I, too, have friends who were maimed and killed during the insurgency. I say Osman Mohd Hashim is deluded is because he says, ‘This was the first time that an independent country had managed to defeat the communists’.

Well, we did not […]