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Act harsh against mafia before Malaysia is turning into another Mexico and Colombia

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These Indian mafia gangs are no longer the same secret societies staffed by Chinese in 70s and 80s governed by the underground strict rules. They have no rules except to terrorize the country with violence.

Suharto and Thaksin had ordered their security forces to kill mafia gangs and drug dealers like rats in the street before the situation is under control in Indonesia in 1980s and in Thailand in 2000s.

Indonesian police’s solution for Malaysian drug dealers operating in Indonesia is very simple, they either stop the illicit business immediately or the drug dealers will be disappeared forever. No judicial proceeding is needed except a bullet on their head.

Extrajudicial killing is only solution to tackle crime issue when the police and judges are corrupt to the bone in any county.

The crime in Malaysia is rising is due to widespread corruption in the police and judges, nothing to do with EO abolishment.

Malaysia: Gangs ‘hunt rivals via Facebook’

Parang knives laid out to depict the gang symbol “04”

Malaysian gangs have taken to Facebook to post threats and “wanted” notices against rivals, it appears.

Members of criminal groups – many represented […]