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Shameless Daim said NEP promotes economic growth and equitable distribution...

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This Malaysian national pirate who carted away Bank Negara 1 billion reserves with his private jet is shameless to say NEP is promoting economic growth and equitable distribution.

His argument’s fallacy is clear as below rebuttals.

1. Singapore without NEP should be lagging behind Malaysia if this theory is true. The fact is Singapore GDP per capita is 4X higher than Bolehland.

2. World Bank latest report says Malaysia is most disparity in wealth distribution in Asia, worst than China and Indonesia.

Besides creating disunity among Malaysians, NEP also fail to distribute wealth to poor bumi except to a few UMNO bumi politicians.

NEP, NEM To Continue Contributing To Malaysia’s Political Economy

By Soraya Jamal

KUALA LUMPUR, May 19 (Bernama) — Even though the New Economic Policy (NEP) has been subjected to intense scrutiny in the past, there is little doubt that the affirmative policy has contributed tremendously to poverty eradication, as well created several millionaires in the country.

Most importantly, the NEP has contributed to the political stability of the nation.

However, the policy also turned into a punching bag for critics whenever the nation’s economy underwent rough […]