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Daim prediction on GE13 which is same with mine

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PR running dogs will say I polish Daim, but my prediction was made earlier than Daim.

Daim’s predictions for the GE13. Please be reminded that he and Raja Petra are only two punters in the world made the accurate prediction for GE12.

1. PR is losing Selangor and Kedah.

2. PR is winning Penang.

3. Perak and Kelantan in 50-50 close fight.

4. BN will sweep other states like in GE12.

5. BN still control Federal government.

My prediction made in 2010 is exactly same with Daim. I wish my prediction is wrong, but the reality of political landscape in Malaysia cannot be twisted.

My prediction on race rating,

Malays: 70% BN vs 30% PR

Chinese: 30% BN vs 70% PR

Indian: 70% BN vs 30% PR

Other bumi: 70% BN vs 30% PR.

Indians are disappointed with PR for lip services, Kampung Buah Pala incident has shaken Indian confidence on PR especially the DAP.

The religious fanaticism in PAS and LGE’s arrogant have pissed off some neutral Chinese.

I have no pulling brake to bash Lim Guan Eng after the undersea tunnel project was announced and signed without consultation with […]