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Datukship in DAP should be a non-issue

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There are tons of public issues Karpal can voice out, making datukship an issue is a non-brainer’s agenda.

I agree the datukship value is diluting with many unqualified personalities received the award through “donation”. Receiving a datukship without paying donation is nothing wrong.

DAP policy of not receiving royal award is deemed anti Malay royal institution which is not good to win more supports from Malay.

It’s time for DAP to change this archaic policy to make the party less chauvinist.

CEC consented to my Datukship, says Ngeh

IPOH: Perak DAP chairman Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham stressed that the party’s central executive committee had consented to the Datukship that was conferred upon him.

He said he had discussed the matter with the CEC then and that there had been differing views.

“Karpal Singh objected during the meeting. However, most of the CEC felt I should concentrate on my job rather than get sidetracked by the issue, so they gave their approval.”

“I can accept Karpal’s views because as social democrats, the party is against class creation through titles but I believe he should also respect the views of the majority,” said Ngeh who […]