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DAP is a Chinese racist party camouflaged as a multiracial party

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Lim Guan Eng may try to project DAP is a multiracial party based on its members are multiracial.

How many Chinese members in DAP? At least 90% and many of DAP Chinese members are chauvinists. The members think like Chinese and act like Chinese to vote Chinese candidates.

The CEC election is a wake-up to DAP top leadership, the grassroots of DAP is still the end product of NEP.

Why they are willing to vote in Indian candidates?

Two reasons, one is Indian will not a threat to Chinese dominant in DAP and second is Malay will be an ideal candidate to defect to UMNO under the money seduction.

DAP is like MCA, a Chinese racist party. This is a fact.

LGE is a Chief Minister, what he did to help all races in Penang is the duty of CM, nothing to do with DAP is not a Chinese racist party.

DAP not anti-Malay party, says Guan Eng

Posted on 17 December 2012 – 03:33pm Last updated on 17 December 2012 – 04:14pm

Edmund Lee

GEORGE TOWN (Dec 17, 2012): Opposition party DAP has strenuously maintained that it is a multi-racial […]