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A barbaric regime is always so...the detention without trial in ISA is reborn in PCA.

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BN government is using rising crime to justify the use of detention without trial in PCA.

The police let the gangsters running wild first, and then blame the abolishment of EA is the cause of problem.

Do not falling into trap set up by UMNO goons.

PCA amendments: What you need to know

PETALING JAYA: A person found guilty of registrable offences will have limited access to legal representation, if the proposed amendments to the Prevention of Crime Act 1959 are passed.

A lawyer can be present when the person’s evidence is being taken and recorded by the inquiry officer, but under the newly introduced Section 9A, the person has no access to legal representation when questioned by an inquiry officer in detention.

It is also not available to the person and witnesses at the inquiry under the newly introduced Section 9(5).

Registrable offences include drug trafficking, being a member of unlawful societies, and those subjected to banishment orders.

Only a three-member Prevention of Crime board – chaired by someone who either will be, have been, or is qualified to be a judge of the Federal Court, Court of Appeal or the High […]