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Penang is a “Darul Sampah” state not a news to me

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I have seen with my eyes untreated sewage water flow into the Batu Feringghi beach, Sungai Pinang river is clogged with all sort of rubbish, Penangites littering in the public places is a norm, etc. since early 90s.

Ex-PM Pak Lah did say openly no fish can live for more than three minutes in the Sungai Pinang.

Dirty Penang is a chronic issue, more to do with attitude and culture of local people. To blame PR government only is just a political gimmick by BN people.

Nevertheless, Penang PR state government should come out long-term solutions instead of put up more posters to remind rakyat “do not litter” as proposed by MD of Penang Global Sdn Bhd.

Masterplan to clean up dirty spots in Penang

GEORGE TOWN: A roundtable discussion will be held soon among the powerhouses in Penang to come out with an effective cleanliness masterplan to bring back the shine to the Pearl of The Orient.

Penang Global Tourism Sdn Bhd managing director Ooi Geok Ling has been asked to come up with a cleanliness strategy.

Her mission — to clean up Penang’s beaches, tourist spots, toilets and hawker sites.

“We will […]