Behind China Miracle >>>

Behind China miracle :: 20 millions of 20-year old trees are chopped down for making 80 billions pair of chopstick

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This is another great contribution from China in global warming.

The bad habit of picking food with the disposable chopsticks from the food container does not help to contain the spread of hepatitis A, B, C, etc. amongst the Chinese population. The use of disposable chopsticks serve no purpose except for destroying more trees and jungles.

It’s estimated 1 of 10 Chinese people is carrier of hepatitis B. If you want to marry with the Chinese man or girl, it’s advisable to ask your future couple to go for a medical checkup for hepatitis B.

I declined to attend Chinese wedding ceremony or political party dinner if the food served is Chinese food with the shared bowls and plates.

The Chinese way of serving food is very unhygienic, but Chinese people always refuse to change the old and bad habit. They believe that sharing food with the chopsticks is a symbol of unselfish and united spirit.

In reality, Chinese is the most selfish and disunited race in the world.

This is a good business opportunity to manufacture portable chopsticks to reduce the usage of disposable chopsticks. I am thinking to come out […]