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What original cultural assets owned by Malay if every Malay dance and song is claimed by Indonesia?

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Probably Mak yong is only dance invented by local Malay, other dances are all imported from Indonesia.

This is a strong proof that Malays are migrated from Indonesia like Chinese migrated from China.

The person recognized as a national heritage for wayang kulit is a Chinese named Eyo Hock Seng from Kelantan.

Mainland Chinese are not bother to claim lion dance is theirs because they intended to destroy it during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. 🙂

Top official says Malaysia has claimed seven Indonesian cultures

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

For God: Women perform Tor Tor Tunggal Panaluan sacred dance during the Lake Toba Festival in a 2010 file photo (JP/Apriadi Gunawan) The Malaysian government has claimed seven of Indonesia’s cultural products as the former’s national heritage in the past five years, Education and Culture Deputy Minister Windu Nuryanti said on Tuesday.

“We have, to some extent, a long history of disputes over this issue. I have already noted similar types of quarrels have happened seven times until now,” she said as quoted by Antara news agency.

In November 2007, Windu said, Malaysia claimed the masked dance Reog, which originates from […]