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More Taliban now. Dog is allowed for guarding house and huntng in Afghanistan

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Islam does not ban dog, only the sunni followers say the dog is haram. The reason given by my Malay headmaster in a secondary school is too sensitive to be published here.

Muhyiddin blamed non-Muslim again for insulting Islam although the video was produced and uploaded by Muslims. May be is owned by Jewish for non-Muslim to take the responsibility.

Remember how Clinton blamed Muslims for Okohama blast before any investigation.

This is how UMNO politician creates hatred sentiment against non-Muslims with such baseless accusation.

Dog trainer arrested over controversial video


PETALING JAYA: The woman who made a controversial video celebrating Hari Raya with her pet dogs has been arrested by the police and is being held in Bukit Aman.

Her lawyer Latheefa Koya said that Maznah Mohd Yusof, 38, was being investigated under section 298A of the Penal Code which deals with causing disharmony on grounds of religion.

Latheefa, however, said she did not know what offence Maznah, who is a dog trainer, actually committed.

She was also unsure how long Maznah would remain in custody.

“I hope to see her before they take any statements […]