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More business-friendly, but still not corruption-free like kiasuland

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This kind of real achievement is better than PR’s lip service as seen in last four years. PR governments also need to have body like Pemudah to restructure their state organizations besides giving out year-end bonus aimlessly.

Dealing with construction permits at the 96 ranking is still the biggest issue in Malaysia.

GDP is a function of corruption, efficiency and productivity.

I found it odd that both BN and PR governments have ignored Kiasuland as a benchmark on how to run an effective and efficient government.

May be the study trip to Singapore is less fun than China and Europe tours paid by taxpayers’ money.

World Bank report shows Malaysia ranked 12th most business-friendly country By RAZAK AHMAD

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia has been ranked the 12th most business friendly country globally and is first in terms of ease of getting credit, said a World Bank report.

This is the highest standing that Malaysia has achieved since the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation began compiling the annual ranking in 2005.

According to the Doing Business 2013: Smarter Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises report released yesterday, Malaysia was fourth […]