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Wee, you should resign now for unable to solve 50-year old teacher shortage problem

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Dong Zong rally to ask for solution to shortage of teachers for Chinese vernacular schools at the Dong Zong headquarters in Kajang. THESUN

“And if stepping down would solve this issue once and for all, I, Wee Ka Siong would immediately do so,” he said in his speech at a dinner organised by Kota Melaka MCA here on Sunday night.

These are one the most ridiculous and shameless excuses I ever heard from MCA politicians.

In other word, you have gut to stay put as a deputy education minister for unable to solve a chronic problem faced by Chinese primary schools.

We pay you to solve the problem or to keep the problem?

The taxpayers especially Chinese should not pay you or any MCA politician for dragging this problem for decades.

Do you know what is your nickname when you were in the university?

“A cunning man” 奸人

Wee: I will resign now if it can solve Mandarin teacher issue

MALACCA: Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong is willing to step down immediately as Deputy Education Minister if the move would solve the shortage of teachers in Chinese primary schools.

He said he […]