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Malaysians have never learned any lesson from Boat Capsized incident in Mersing

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Who should be held responsible for this tragedy?

Below is my quick analysis,

The school authorities holds 80% blame for ignoring outdoor activity directives from Education Ministry such as not informing security authorities, not enforcing life jacket safety rule and appointed an inexperienced advisor.

The state and (Federal) government hold 20% for not banning outdoor activities in the dangerous sea area.

A passenger was saved

Several passengers without using life jacket drowned in the boat capsized in Mersing three years ago. I did write to The Star about same negligence issue in the Melaka river cruise last year.

More lives would be saved if they followed safety rule of wearing life jackets. It’s expecting to see finger-pointing game on who should be held responsible for this tragedy.

Dragon boat tragedy: Guidelines not followed (Update)

PENANG: Preliminary investigation into Sunday’s dragon boat capsize tragedy here showed that the Chung Ling High School management did not adhere fully to safety guidelines for co-curricular activities issued by the Education Department.

State Education Director Ibrahim Mohammad said the quidelines required the school management to inform the security authorities of the activities to ensure that […]