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Earth hour campaign is a garbage

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Switch off electricity for an hour in a year is just a public stunt by the green activists and politicians, the campaign has no significant effect on carbon dioxide release to atmosphere if the people believe in burning fossil fuels to generate electricity is more safer and cleaner than nuclear energy.

Those people advocate green renewable energy is a better option than nuclear energy is like the frog living in a boiling pot. Renewable energy will not be a viable source of energy for next 50 years due to its technical and geographical constraints.

The core issue is the clock is ticking and the humankind only got a chance to stop global warming from reaching its threshold point of no return. A 95% of people living on earth now have no chance to see themselves the sicken earth in 2100 caused by them.

The amount of carbon dioxide generated by fossil fuel power plants in the United Kingdom each year can cover the UK’s three islands with a 10-meter thick of CO2 layer. For the same electricity generated by the nuclear powers, the amount of radioactive waste is less than 10 meter cubic.