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Get eco-friendly slipper when you are visiting Jonker Walk Melaka

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The slipper is made from recycle tyre, a bit eco-friendly method. This kind of recycle slipper is quite common in Vietnam, but not in Malaysia.

I definitely to buy a pair when I visit Melaka tomorrow.

Non-slip slippers made from old tyres

MELAKA: We all agree that the most important parts of a car are its four tyres, as a car is useless without the tyres even if it is equipped with the best ever engine.

This theory also applies to a person’s feet which are just as crucial as the tyres of a car. Because of this, businesses have come up with environment-friendly slippers that are made of old tyres for people to wear them and to walk steadily.

Shi Li Zhen, owner of “Chin Collection” located at Jonker Street, told Sin Chew Daily that the weather was getting warmer nowadays and there emerged an awareness among the public to protect our environment.

As a result, she made up her mind to sell eco-friendly slippers that are made of recycled old tyres costing only RM5 each pair.

100% made of rubber tyres

She said these slippers were manufactured by a […]