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BN government is notorious in screw up mega projects

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More mega projects launch by BN government, more suffering will incur on rakyats at the end.

I say this is based on past historical records. See the long list of failed mega projects borne by us, taxpayers. In other hand, those making money mega projects through subsidy and one-sided agreement are all grasped and owned by UMNO cronies.

The list of failed mega projects under the BN government.

– Perwaja

– Port Klang Free Zone

– MAS, all fixed assets losses absorbed with taxpayer’s money.

– Bukit Jalil stadium white elephant.

– Putrajaya International Convention Center. It may take 300 years to break even.

– Bakun hydro project.

– Proton, government fund was injected to make its account looks black.

The list of making money mega projects.

– Independent Power Plant. They make money due to heavy subsidy from the government.

– Plus Highway. Any losses will be borne by taxpayer’s money.

There is a long list of mega projects with losses archived in the Cari Chinese forum.

The grand sum involved in these mega projects is RM 574 billion and all these projects are deemed failure in ROI and public accountability. […]