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EC's Biometric System is another easy way to cheat

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Altantuya’s immigration entry record could be erased, how on earth I trust no one tampers the biometric computer system to allow multiple voting.

This new system will create more phantom voters for BN!

Two main issues here,

1. EC is lack of integrity. The server and its software must be monitored and audited closely by UN or an international watch dog, then I will say ok. This is to prevent manipulation on source codes and database.

2. Do you know Iraqi radar systems were jammed with viruses before America attacked Iraq? What happen if some hackers intrude the system on the polling day? Are polling is continued or discontinued after a hacking is detected?

America still say no go for electronic voting for its security and hacking issues.

Let go low-tech inedible ink first before EC is talking biometric system. Besides, it saves cost compared with biometric system.

Philippines was using voting machine to expedite ballot papers counting and data transmission, there is nothing to do with biometric identification system.

Indelible ink was still used in Philippines general elections.

This biometric system proposal is to divert real issue of multiple […]