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Abdul Rashid shall go ahead to sue “defamers”

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Outgoing EC chairman wants to sue By MAZWIN NIK ANIS

PUTRAJAYA: Outgoing Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman is considering legal action against several Opposition members for making statements which he claimed had slandered and defamed him.

Rashid, whose last day with the Commission was Tuesday, said that since he was no longer serving as chairman, he could sue those who had “assassinated my character many times.”

“I did not want to sue these people earlier because I did not want to drag the EC into it. Now that I have retired and am a free person, I am considering a suit against those who have said so many untruthful and bad things against me,” he said Tuesday.

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Let’s relook what Tan Sri Abdul Rashid’s track records in last general election.

Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya @ SPR is lacking credibility to earn the trust from rakyat. All promises given to Malaysians were broken one after another.

1. Ballot paper is still printed with serial number. The secrecy of voting is comprised especially to those government servants.

2. The use of indelible ink was cancelled at the last minute.