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Subsidize 3-phase powerline for household consumers

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As seen in the Star’s letter on 29th November, 2013.

I support the subsidy rationalization exercise for fuel because zero subsidy in the free market is the logical way for a nation to remain competitive by reducing wastage in power consumption.

I can reduce my household electricity bill from RM 150 per month to about RM 50 by using these simple steps,

1. Stop using the air-conditioner unless the weather is unbearable like during the hazy days.

2. Replacing 38-watt phosphorous bulb with 8-watt LED bulb.

The only waste is when I always forget to switch off desktop computer after watching videos because of falling sleep on the reclining chair. I can further reduce the electricity bill by RM10 to 15 if I switch off computer during my rest hours.

Corrective action: Install Airytec Switch Off to turn off PC automatically when I fall sleep.

Changing single phase to three phase AC current will reduce power consumption by at least 40%, thus I hope BN government will subsidize 3-phase power installations for every household with the money saved from fuel subsidy cut.

Electricity tariffs to go up 10%-20% next year

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