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You are free to fxxx around with any man as long as you are PKR female member

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Chua Sok Lek was condemned by the opposition parties when he was caught fxxking around with an unmarried woman.

Ironically, Elizaberth Wong got special license from PKR for her to be fxxxed by a married man.

There are two separate issues here, one is criminal issue for stealing and distributing her semi-nude photos and second one is her own morality issue for engaging pre-marital sexual relations with a muslim married man.

Eli Wong is trying to tell me that she is alright for engaging sexual relationship with any man as long as the photos are not leaked out or distributed by herself

“Eli Wong, can I sleep with you?”

This is truly a double moral standard by PKR and PR. The message by PKR to their young supporters is go fxxx around like Eli Wong as long as you are their female member.

PKR has made two minuses into a plus by disregarding the fundamental moral standard in our society.

This is a saddest part as a Malaysian, you have to choice a less evil party, not because there is a better alternative oppostion party.

I continue to vote opposition party because I […]