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Wong’s nude pix scandal : Toyo, what wrong if I’m sleeping nude in my home?

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There are more questions for PKR and Anwar to answer and unlock the mysteries.

Q1: The dirty work of BN conspiracy? We need the proofs from PR on this theory.

Q2: Why she has to resign and hide in overseas IF she did nothing wrong legally and morally? The fact is more than 90% of English speaking Malaysians in a TV7 poll said Elizabeth Wong should stay.

Q3: There is an allegation on Elizabeth Wong’s private life is so colorful. A prominent politician and a Malay activist are said to have initimate relationships with her. PKR has to rebut this allegation conclusively. Legal threat will not stop this allegation from spreading in the internet. A thin line crossed for Eli Wong


Fear of more embarrassing pictures from politician Elizabeth Wong’s private life being exposed to the public led the PKR leader to the difficult decision that it was better for her to go.

THERE has been a fantastic wave of sympathy for PKR politician Elizabeth Wong since photographs of her in an intimate situation began circulating.

Images of the tearful politician splashed on the front pages of all the newspapers only […]