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Nuclear plant vs Hydro dam vs Fossil fuel powerplant vs Green energy

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I arrange the risk to CO2 climate warming from low to high.

1. Green energy

2. Nuclear energy

3. Hydro energy

4. Fossil fuel energy

Sweden with an ambitious goal of phasing out fossil fuel by 2020 has to depend on nuclear energy and hydro power to cut down CO2 emission from fossil fuel burning.

100% dependent on green energy is still a long journey to go and the impending challenge is to stop global warming from CO2 before it’s too late.

Sweden and France are using a mix of alternative energy sources from nuclear, hydro, wind, sun, etc. to cut down CO2 emission. The mix of various sources of energy is only viable solution with the current technology.

The funny thing is Green Perkasa in Malaysia against hydro dams and nuclear plants, but accept fossil fuel burning for their green utopia in Malaysia.

I’m no longer respect the Green Perkasa for their aimless and madness in green struggle, they are a bunch of idiots with no brain to understand fossil fuel burning is going to destroy the earth first than other sources of energy.