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I have raised this same idea five years ago in The Star and Malaysiakini

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English proficiency – they got it all wrong,

Anyway, LGE’s shit is 1000 times more aromatic than my ones. It’s good for him to remind BN government again and again on English standard.

Make passing SPM English a must, says Guan Eng

KUALA LUMPUR, June 6 — English must be made a core discipline that students must pass in SPM examinations if Malaysia is to keep up with an increasingly competitive world, Lim Guan Eng told the Education Ministry today.

The Penang chief minister (picture) pointed out that while the ministry had previously said that Malaysians must master English as a reflection of its status as the world’s most widely-used language for communications and knowledge acquisition, that did not go far enough and the language should be made a core discipline in the national school-leaving exam, which is the basic paper qualification needed for most jobs.

“Creating this incentive for students is necessary if the Ministry of Education (MOE) is committed to strengthening English language proficiency.

“Or else Malaysia will lose out in future competitiveness with deteriorating standards in English when other countries are improving theirs,” Lim said in a statement today.