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Majority of them are teachers trained under UMNO-NEP

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A real story about a primary school teacher’s proficiency in English. My old mum asked a primary school teacher from my kampung to read a commercial letter from a brokerage firm. The letter is a receipt to inform me the money has been paid for a transaction.

My mum called me urgently saying I must pay back a debt to the company within 14 day. I rushed back and I was so angry after found out the message is just a reminder, “Please contact the company within 14-day if there is any error in the statement.”

I guess the teacher only knew “14-day” in the sentence and told my mum a total different story.

I had told my mum to stop open my letters mail to my new village and ask anyone to read my letters.

Side story: I found out a Singapore Form-5 student cannot understand lawyer letter written in English. May be the technical terms make him confuse.

Fact 1: It has been revealed that two-thirds of 70,000 English teachers in the country failed to reach a proficient English level.

Fact 2: Dr Khair added that the other major finding of […]