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Penang sounds under BN rule

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Singapore Escape Theme Park

Point 1: Sim Leisure Consultant director of finance P.H. Chang said the Penang Department of Environment had declared the project to be eco-friendly.

“As such, it is does not need an EIA report,” he claimed.

Point 2: In October last year, the company signed a 60-year agreement with the Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBA) Sdn Bhd to lease the 17ha land located downstream of the Teluk Bahang Dam.

Penang Department of Environment is under BN Federal Government or PR state government?

Lim Guan Eng is the chairman for Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBA) Sdn Bhd.

This kind of reasoning only can come out from an idiot. Where is solid waste and sewage from a few thousand visitors each day go? Where is the used water fron the park discharged?

Teluk Bahang water catchment jungle is a protected zone, leasing out reserved jungle which is critical for supplying enough unpolluted water to Teluk Bahang dam to a private company for theme park by the state government is totally unacceptable.

Based on what criteria, the project is qualified to be called eco-friendly?

Whether the project is eco-friendly or not, an EIA […]