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Malaysian is good in talk cock, poor in execution

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I bet 90% of ETP will fail to deliver as promise because Malaysians are notorious good on the paperwork, and terrible poor in the project execution.

Besides the nationality issue, the disparity in project executive capability and work ethics among the races is also another issue.

Billions of return as projected are all “syiok sendiri” and ideal for masturbation by Malaysian politikus.

The confirmed winner is McKinsey who already making a few hundred millions from the paperwork consultation service to BN government.

A Chinese proverb says drawing a biscuit on the plain paper is best to describe BN ETP.

Smart City-Smart Village to contribute RM95bil to economy by 2020

KUALA LUMPUR: Smart City-Smart Village, the second high-impact project to be implemented through Global Science and Innovation Academy Council (GSIAC), is expected to contribute RM95bil to the national economy by 2020.

It was also expected to increase opportunities in the service industry and create employment across the value chain for 420,000 people, GSIAC said in a statement.

“The Smart City-Smart Village project aims at balancing development in the urban and rural areas, focusing on the use of green technology and information and communications technology […]