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Evidence Act is another evidence UMNO is learning from China Communist

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You have to prove you are innocent in the China court, now UMNO is shamelessly to copy and use it in Malaysia law.

Can you prove yourself that you are not a rapist against Rais’s daughter?

Yes, you must produce a film like Chua Soi Lek in his porn video that the girl is voluntarily making love with you.

IF not, you are guilty for rape against any girl as believed by our BN government.

Every male Malaysian is rapist until he proves otherwise in court.

BN has to go before Malaysia is turning into a communist-styled regime with all sorts of ridiculous laws.

Rais: Evidence Act to be maintained By LOH FOON FONG

KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet decided at its meeting on Wednesday to maintain the recently-passed Evidence Act 1950, said Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

He said the Cabinet discussed the issue exhaustively and decided not to make any changes because Parliament was represented by the ruling party and the opposition had debated on it.

“Once it is officially passed, to do something now is an after thought,” he said after launching the Merdeka […]