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LGE's true color, a double standard poli_tikus!

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When the investment in Penang shot up after 2008, he claimed the success was due to his effort to bring in investment.

When his exco and himself accomplished by their spouses for an official trip, he claimed the policy was carried forward from BN’s legacy policy.

He is selectively to forget that he condemned BN government for wasting public fund on their spouses.

He was shamelessly to justify it by saying the expenses incurred on PR government is only at 38% expenses of previous government.

Mind you, every cent is accountable to rakyat, spending less does not give LGE a higher moral ground to right a wrong policy.

Controversy a-brewing over Guan Eng’s trip to Xiamen

GEORGE TOWN: A controversy is brewing over Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s recent official trip to Xiamen and Hainan in China with a delegation which included his wife, several state executive councillors and their spouses.

Although Lim said state law “used before 2008” allowed spouses to accompany state exco members on foreign trips once a year, the Penang MCA responded by saying that the CM had previously criticised Barisan Nasional leaders for doing so.

State MCA […]