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A smoking father advises his son not to smoke is a joke

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When he was UMNO youth leader in 80s, his is the second most radical and racist UMNO youth leader after Harun. He was alleged to make a racist remark in a rally at the Kampung Baru Stadium in 1987 before “operasi lalang” that he wanted to soak Chinese with the blood.

My cadet official hostel is a few blocks away from the stadium, my friend in the hostel confirmed to me that “bunuh Cina” shouting could be heard from the crowds in the stadium, not sure Najib was doing the same or not because all Chinese reporters were bullied and chased out from the stadium compound by Malay mobs.

He refuted his uttered such racist remark in the parliament in a reply to Karpal Singh. Whether he uttered the racist remark or not, he was a leader present in the stadium could not disassociated himself from the racist event.

Do not believe Najib has changed and embraced “1Malaysia”, a leopard has never changed its spots.

How could a “former” extremist like PM Najib advises us Malaysians not to be extremists IF he was alleged to call for soaking Chinese blood with kris […]