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Why Facebook is soooo powerful? Because of its viral power feature LIKE

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I do a simple and quick calculation on 5 layer viral marketing with LIKE button.

In average, there are 30 local liked friends for each Malaysian Facebook user.

Layer 1: 30X

Layer 2: 900X

Layer 3: 27,000X

Layer 4: 810,000X

Layer 5: 24.3 million

With a Facebook community of 10 million in Malaysia, so in theory, the message published in a Facebook will be reached to 10 million Malaysians before layer 5.

This is how internet breaks the BN monopoly in TV, radio and newspaper.

For Bersih 2.0 case study, with its 200,000 Fans, the message published in its facebook page will reach 10 million Facebook users before layer 3.

For Robert Kuok’s conned by UMNO story in my blog, with 466 liked meaning the message will reach 10 million Facebook users before layer 4.